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More and more frequently we encounter problems generated by noise coming from entertainment venues that play music. To avoid the discomfort caused by an excessive level of sound pressure, the best solution is to make good sound insulation, although this is not always possible due to economic or structural considerations. In any case, the complementary solution is the control of the musical power emitted by the amplifier equipment, adjusting it to a level that is always lower than that which generates annoyance or violates the Municipal Regulations.

Our brand, created in 1991, has been dedicated to the manufacture of Acoustic Limiters for this function with a priority criterion of maximum sound quality. Our products are designed to provide a useful tool both to municipalities that need to control the emission of noise and to owners who need to comply with the legislation but maintaining the quality of their product: music.

Therefore, the control circuit of our equipment has been taken care of to the maximum to provide high sound quality, even with high levels of attenuation.

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Product Range

MRC Audio -EQ Limit - Automatic Volume Controller with Data Logging features

MRC Audio EQ Limit Sound Limiter


Microphone MS-1

MRC Audio EQ Limit Microphone


DD-1 Display

MRC Audio EQ Limit DD1


DD-3 remote display

 MRC Audio EQ Limit DD3


Accessories - LAN Port / Security Cover / Modem

MRC Audio EQ Limit Accessories